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Moston Grange is a medium-sized nursing home and can house up to 64 residents. 

Moston Grange is a preferred provider for people with complex conditions whose needs cannot be met in mainstream environments. The people who live at Moston Grange are usually older and may have degenerative disorders, acquired brain injury, dementia or a mental health diagnosis. 

The nursing home is underpinned with a strong value base where human rights support every decision made.  The home exhibits some of the best examples of equality and diversity and this is celebrated throughout the service.

The people who work at Moston Grange understand that outstanding care comes from connection and compassion. The highly skilled workforce is made up of a wide range of health care professionals who are also well connected into the wider community to ensure true integrated personal centred care. 

The building has just been fully refurbished and is furnished with state of the art equipment. The décor is well researched and dementia-friendly. Moston Grange really is an outstanding Nursing home.

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  • Lucy

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    Registered Manager - Moston Grange

    Lucy is a qualified Registered Mental Health Nurse with a degree in Social Work Studies...

  • Jack

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    Deputy Manager Moston Grange

    Jack is a highly experienced Registered Mental Health Nurse who has worked as a Clinical Nurse Lead within...

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