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Oakland House is a nursing home that provides care and support for up to 36 adults with mental health support needs.

At Oakland House, there is a truly welcoming atmosphere and there is an enthusiasm from all to deliver the best outcome focused person centred care.

The culture at Oakland is underpinned with a strong value base of kindness, patients and respect.

The open, inclusive and supportive nature of the service means that everyone promotes and reinforces equality, diversity and Human rights.

All of the staff team are committed and providing support in an environment that meets the highest standards.

Oakland house is a service that continuously strives for excellence and the team pride themselves on the delivery of unrivalled care.

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    Director of Quality and Patient Safety

    Lyndsey has worked across a broad sector of services leaving a trail of 13 CQC “Outstanding” ratings...

  • Derek

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    Registered Manager Oaklands House

    I have worked in healthcare most of my adult life. For the past 17 years I have worked for EHC. I have undertaken various roles within the organisation...

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