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Welcome to Health Connect – the first global community of professionals from all disciplines dedicated to improving health, health care access and health education.

Well-being, redefined…

This is a powerful collaboration of qualified specialists – each highly respected in their chosen field – coming together in a safe, regulated and trusted environment to meet immediate health needs and empower individuals by sharing their extensive knowledge.

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We take a truly holistic approach to your good health, incorporating access to GPs and other specialists with your fitness and well-being in mind.


Our mental health provision is second to none, allowing connection with professionals such as Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Counsellors and Mental Health Nurses.


The experienced international dental team we have available comprises Dentists, Dental Therapists and Hygienists, all available for advice and one-to-one consultation.


Our employee wellbeing programmes can be integrated with existing HR policies and provide many benefits for workers, employers and the workplace as a whole.


Our approach offers three ways for you to get exactly what you need:

1. Connecting you to a medical professional via video link for specific, confidential advice

2. Providing details and contact routes for any health-related service or facility you seek

3. Giving you access to a wealth of expertly verified health-related information

Our combined offering is unique in a number of ways

Health Connect goes farther than any existing on-line medical services as it encompasses the entire spectrum of disciplines which contribute to your wellness and well-being. Our international experts are available 24/7, 365 days of the year and collectively represent the very best in worldwide healthcare.

Direct access to medical professionals is simply part of the journey

We take a truly holistic approach to the needs of the individual and therefore include details of, and access to, many complementary disciplines which play an essential role in the achievement and attainment of better health.

Whether you seek personal medical advice, need to consult with a dentist or are looking for ways to improve your mental health and well-being, Health Connect is your trusted and reliable path to the solution which is right for you.

Presenting authentic and accurate information

At a time when it is difficult to assess the accuracy of on-line information delivered across the abundance of on-line media platforms, Health Connect is a source of professionally substantiated material which can be trusted. Our international editorial panels consist of specialists from each area of health and we won’t publish anything unless we are 100% confident of the content.

Convenience – without the need to sacrifice quality

With our ability to offer online consultations with a professional via video link, a comprehensive directory of health and well-being centres and access to educational articles to learn about health matters, we truly allow you to take charge of your health on your own terms.

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